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Ancient Hawaiian Healing

This healing art was brought back from an ancient lineage of powerful shamans known as kahuna. Clients who seek this work have become disassociated from source and are not living from inspiration and joy.  Their energy has become blocked, or they may be stuck in heaviness, fear, shame, depression, anxiety, or anger.   During this unique session, clients uncover where the blocks are occurring and why they have chosen to hold onto them. Clients are empowered to finally release these outdated coping mechanisms that have been limiting their growth.

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Monthly Healing Circles

Group healing circles are a wonderful way to experience healing within a small and safe communal setting.  No circle is the same, and there is usually a similar thread that shows up based upon the participants.  The power of the group energy increases the effects exponentially.  Individuals each get roughly 10-15 minutes to work through their intention and spirit does the rest!  Through emotional kinesiology (CRT), we discover unknown layers that have been blocking your growth.

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What Is Energy Medicine?

Spiritual healing – Faith Healing – Distance Healing – Contact Healing – Reiki.  These all fall under the branch of alternative medicine, and work to align and balance the mind, body and soul connection.  Energy Medicine goes beyond the symptoms that Western medicine addresses and discovers the root cause of the ailment, so that you can find permanent healing.  What is the root cause? Stress and emotions that have become trapped in the body are clogging your energy pathways, preventing the organs, your emotional response, and your entire system from operating optimally.

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