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Group Healing Circles

Healing Circles are an amazing way to come experience a taste of energy work.  I hold monthly healing circles,  at the Whole Person Healing in Sarasota.  However, please check my BLOG for announcement, or sign up for the newsletter for upcoming dates.

people holding a heart in healing circleA circle has a unique way of calling people together who are experiencing similar threads or obstacles at that time in their life. It’s a wonderful way to experience healing within a small and safe communal setting.  What’s even more interesting is that, even if we haven’t experienced the exact situation in our life, we’ve all experienced the same vibrational resonance.  All energy, all emotion, has a vibration that can be measured at a specific frequency.  So, when we come to the circle, no matter whose issue is being addressed at that moment, everyone in the circle benefits.  The power of the group energy increases the effects exponentially.  

Individuals each get roughly 20 minutes to work through their intention and spirit does the rest!  Through a type of emotional kinesiology, known as Cellular Regeneration Technique® (CRT), we discover unknown layers that have been blocking your growth.  We uncover the who, what, where and when the original trauma became stuck, allowing you to know function from response and not reaction.

Come sit with us and experience the warm support of community, as I host our next Healing Circle.  I invite you to Shift Into Joy! 

Check below for upcoming events.

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