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Common Questions Answered

What Happens During A Treatment?

I’ve found that opting for a “mixed session”, in which I can tune into your spirit and assess how best to reach you, can be the most powerful.  However, I offer many different modalities, so please take a look and let me know which ones resonate with you the most; and, that will be our starting point.  After all, it is YOU who makes the final decision to change your life.  Have you come to shift, or are you still digging in your heels?  Let’s change that!

During a session, we’ll create energetic space, so that you can talk, while I listen.  I’ll work to determine the root cause of your issue.  Sometimes, you already know what that is.  And sometimes, through intuition, working with your guides, and CRT, we will go much deeper to find the original source of agitation.  This means discovering instrumental moments in your life that created emotional and behavioral responses that you may not even be aware of, but that are preventing you from feeling balanced and at peace.  This may present itself in the form of anger, depression, grief, addictive behavior, or not being able to make decisions.

Once the issues are brought to the conscious level, we’ll work to release them.  I’ll bring through a powerful vibrational healing known as ARCH to raise the vibration of your subtle bodies; these are the mental body, emotional body, ect. that extend beyond the skin.  You are not only the physical! These subtle bodies are what allow you to sense when someone extremely angry or elated walk into the room.  I’ll act as a conduit to bring this powerful ARCH energy in and through your entire system, melting away years of baggage that no longer serves you.  When you are in this state, you connect clearly with the divine and your higher self.  It’s this same connection that allows you to be “in the flow” creating a life that unfolds synchronistically all around you.  During your time on the table, you’ll feel at peace and empowered to let go of old limitations.  We’ll incorporate spiritual tools, affirmations, and messages from your spirits and guides that will help you to make lasting change.

Your brain is a computer, so we will literally be rewiring it to create NEW positive patterns and responses through out the body.  Don’t forget that energy can be measured on a vibrational scale, and studies are linking specific emotions to their consecutive organ in the body.  Joy feels light and nourishes the body.  Whereas an emotion like shame causes inflammation in spleen and pancreas.

That is the magic of energy medicine vs. Western medicine. We are able to tap into the mind, body, spirit connection to get “every BODY on board”.  Your subtle bodies, your chakras, your aura, and your inner child, these are all glimpses of consciousness and spirit that make up the essence of you.  Energy medicine harmonizes and brings all of these aspects into alignment.  How exciting is that?!  You have the power to change your life.

Energy Medicine can work for anyone. Period. Energy Medicine addresses the whole system. We can achieve optimal health when the physical, emotional, mental, AND spiritual bodies are in balance. The New York Daily News reports that: “Energy Healing — tapping into the body’s own frequencies as a type of alternative medicine — is being taken seriously by health practitioners trained in both eastern and western modalities of medicine.” UCLA has an electromyography (EMG) lab that studies the electrical activity in the body and how stress and emotions affect us. In a 2013 study done by UCLA, people with mobility problems were given 10 minutes of energy work. It was found that, that the affect of the energy work was just as beneficial as physical therapy in improving range of motion.
Depending on the client, Energy Medicine can help or even cure almost any imbalance in the system. Physical pain is the direct result of stress or energy that has become stuck somewhere in the body. Prolonged stress can lead to chronic pain or manifest as disease. The goal of Energy Medicine is to uncover the trauma or root cause of the pain, and assist the client in finally moving the energy out of the body. This is why Western Medicine has such difficulty in curing chronic pain. They never get to the root of the matter, but only treat the surface symptom! With this in mind, the possibilities with Energy Medicine are endless….
Energy Medicine can clear blockages and stagnant energy, remove negative habits, and shift your perspective to handle stress better in the future. Greater Balance Flexibility Clarity and Focus Feeling Limitless Positive Perspective Relaxation Peacefulness and Calm Feeling Supported In Life Greater Connection To Source Greater Awareness To The World Around Them Improved Mental State Increasing energy Improved Memory and Concentration Greater Emotional Control

The level at which you can improve and heal, depends how YOU. How willing are you to change? Most of my clients experience HUGE relief in the very first session.  “I felt a complete energy renewal after our session, like shedding a new skin.” – Ben – Portland, Oregon.  However, it’s ok, if the process goes slow at first. It may take an initial session to create a sense of safety in the emotional body, as old wounds start to reveal themselves and heal. The more open and vulnerable you can be, the more you will receive from the process. As Brene Brown author of “The Power of Vulnerability”, says – “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” “We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions.” Just like regular massage and acupuncture, many clients find benefit in weekly sessions. After all, the beauty of energy medicine is that allows for clarity and a fresh perspective again and again. “I have worked with Jen periodically over the last 4 years. She has supported and guided me through a few major life transitions including moving to Hawaii from the mainland, and severe chronic pain. Every session is unique and provides exactly what I need at the time in order to move forward and expand. I am so grateful now, that after years of chronic pain, I am now live in a pain free body. Healing sessions with Jen have become an incredibly valuable tool for living my best life. Call her, she will help you change your life!” – Becky – Maui, Hawaii The amount support that you need and momentum of change is really up to you. I invite you to explore the modalities that I offer further, and schedule a private session for your own expansion!