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CRT – Cellular Regeneration Technique® – Applied Kinesiology

maui energy healingCRT® is a form of applied kinesiology or muscle testing that combines biofeedback from the physical body and subtle bodies to pinpoint disruptions and blockages in our systems.  This method has amazing accuracy in locating the who, what, where, and when the original shock occurred.  A shock to our system can be anything from heavy metal exposure to a death in the family.  When trauma affects us, our brain creates response mechanisms to protect itself in the future.

These knee jerk reactions happen on a physical and emotional level.  They can be drastic and obvious.  Oftentimes, they are incredibly subtle, and clients are astounded to realize that they’ve been subconsciously responding to themselves and the world around them from a negative and detrimental standpoint.

The goal of CRT® is to rewire the brain to create new pathways, so that we can respond to life, instead of reacting from a place of fear.  In our fast-paced lives, most people are constantly living in a low-grade level of flight or fight response.  This overactive nervous system creates inflammation and wreaks havoc on our physical bodies, creating disease.

Clients love CRT®, as it can unlock new information surrounding long standing, chronic conditions or behaviors.  Once this information is brought to the conscious level, we are able to see common threads that run through the clients’ lives, inhibiting them from growth and happiness. With CRT®, we are literally reprogramming the body and the brain to create new cells with healthy affirming messages.  Fresh pathways are opened up, and a new perspective on life is created.  Clients leave a session, literally, a different person from when they came in.

  • Reprogram the brain with positive messages and chemical responses.
  • Uncover and Heal past trauma.
  • Eliminate old patterns, behaviors, negative self-talk.
  • Rediscover Positive Emotions that had gone dormant in your system.
  • Receive crucial tools and guidance to maintain change and further positive growth.


There are many forms of Applied Kinesiology.  Cellular Regeneration Technique® (CRT) was developed by Gina Kim, Doctor of Chiropractic, in Maui, Hawaii.  Dr. Kim developed this revolutionary natural healing modality in 1998.  It is a form of Energy Healing designed to balance the body-mind-spirit.   I was privileged to study under Dr. Kim to become a facilitator in CRT®. She continues to treat clients and offers regular workshops in her Wailuku office.

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