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About Shift Into Joy

Shift Into Joy represents a full body, mind, and spiritual shift.  My joy, my calling, is creating a sacred space, and opening up the energy so people can do just that.

During a session, clients are truly heard and nurtured, while a high vibrational healing frequency is brought through to release emotional and energetic blockages.  Through a Hawaiian style “talk story,” kinesiology (muscle testing), and intuition and messages from your guides, we are able to uncover and FINALLY SHIFT out of old patterns.  How amazing is that?!

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Did you know that energy can be measured on a vibrational frequency?  You can shift from a state of grief or anxiety, which is a heavier vibration, into one of JOY.  Your brain is a computer.  When old messages and triggers in the brain are reprogramed, your body literally starts to produce new cells with new positive, non stress-reactive messages.  Your physical vibration shifts, as your thoughts and reactions continue to adapt to these powerful new messages.  My clients can emotionally, physically, and spiritually SHIFT INTO JOY.

In 2004, I moved to Maui and developed a deep love for the land, the waters, and the mana (energy) that flows there.  Under the instruction of Kahuna Ho’okahi, I began studying a powerful form of ancient Hawaiian energy work known as ARCH®, and was certified as a Master Level Healer in 2012.  During that time, I also took instruction with Dr. Gina Kim to learn a unique form of kinesiology that allows me to easily uncover root causes and incidents in my clients’ lives, which may be blocking their growth.  My passion has led me to continue training in modalities such as receiving intuitive messages, Sound Healing, Celtic Healing, Native American Shamanism, Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Angel Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Cellular Regeneration Technique (CRT), and Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing (ARCH).  Read More About Jen’s Healing Modalities and Services, or powerful Distance Treatment.  Or, Schedule a Session Now.

ARCH healing is form of vibrational healing that comes from Ancient Hawaii. It is being taught in Maui, Hawaii, and is described as coming from a “time when Kahuna practiced without herbs and medicine and did unbelievable healing of great magnitude through the ‘Spiritual Realm.’” Would you like to know more about ARCH or are thinking about receiving treatment?

CRT is a form of applied kinesiology or muscle testing that combines biofeedback from the physical body and subtle bodies to pinpoint disruptions and blockages in our systems. This method has amazing accuracy in locating the who, what, where, and when the original shock occurred. Would you like to read more about CRT or are thinking about receiving treatment?  

I’ve found EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, to be very beneficial to clients who are experiencing an acute emotional attack. EFT utilizes the same energy meridians used in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and gently releases emotional charges that have built up along pressure points. Would you like to know more about EFT, or are thinking about receiving treatment?

Access Consciousness is a tangible way to Be More Conscious. When we can cultivate awareness in the present moment, instead of worrying about the past or future, we can peacefully enjoy the NOW. We are the creators of our own reality. Would you like to know more about Access Consciousness, or are thinking about receiving treatment?

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So, what was life like before the internal urging toward energy medicine? I grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri, and attended the prestigious Journalism school at the University of Missouri – Columbia. After graduating, I moved out to the magical island of Maui, Hawaii. And, I stayed for 10 years, almost to the day!  I was fortunate enough to create a successful career at This Week Maui Magazine, and to buy a home on the side of Haleakala, a dormant volcano. My life consisted of waterfalls, hiking through jungles, and enjoying everything that Hawaiian culture had to offer. Drawn more and more to the power of our thoughts and emotions, and the intrinsic quality that connects us all, I realized it was time to share my healing practice with the world. In 2014, I moved to Portland, Oregon, to do just that. I currently operate out of Yoga Shala Wellness at 3808 North Williams Ave, under the name “Shift Into Joy”.
Check Shift Into Joy’s blog frequently for updates on our Healing Circles, at home or in the park meditation practices, inspiration, great places to brunch in Portland, delicious vegan or gluten free finds, and more!
Expanded Exposure is a broad range sales & marketing company that Jennifer started in 2014 and operates out of Portland, Oregon.  We service multiple clients in Portland and Maui, Hawaii. Got a job for us?

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