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Healing Circle – Feb. 28th Sarasota

Cellular Regeneration Technique- Your brain is a computer. Traumatic memories get locked into our cells, and for the rest of our lives we subconsciously and physically react from that space. What if we could reprogram that messaging? With laser like accuracy, we have the ability to find the who, what, where and when those traumas [...]

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Hawaiian Energy Healing Taster & Meditation – DECEMBER 11, 2018 6-7PM – SARASOTA

Shift Into Joy is holding an Open House Intro. and Meditation. I'm a former long-time Maui resident who is bringing a strain of Ancient Hawaiian Energetic Healing to clients here in Sarasota. I'll be holding a brief taster on this unique shamanic Hawaiian Healing, followed by meditation. The meditation will start with short, gentle [...]

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Cellular Regeneration Technique (CRT) Healing Circle – Portland, Oregon

What are you working on today? If you are feeling stuck, scared, or want to create more of the joy that you already BE (yes, be), then Cellular Regeneration Technique may be the tool that you are looking for! - Healing Circle Cellular Regeneration Technique - Healing Circle Thursday, March 15th, 2018 [...]

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Talk to your Inner Child in 4 Steps

Does life ever feel like it’s too much?!  As though the world is against you, as though you can’t get out from under the heavy, bleak, gray cloud of life.  Maybe it’s a particular situation in your life that you just can’t change, and finding “acceptance” for it seems more impossible than pulling a kicking [...]

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What is Energy Medicine or Healing?

What is Energy Work or Energy Medicine? Spiritual healing - Energy Healing - Faith Healing - Distance Healing - Contact Healing Energy Medicine is a branch of alternative medicine or complementary therapy that works to align and balance the mind, body and soul connection. Energy Medicine utilizes techniques from time-honored traditions such as acupuncture, yoga, [...]

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Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace – Portland

Mindfulness and positive psychology are skills that many of us were not taught in school, but studies show that the more mindful an employee is during their day, the greater their productivity and creativity. Are you robbing yourself of an opportunity by not practicing mindfulness in your office? Here’s a recent case study mentioned in [...]

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