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Hawaiian Healing – ARCH® (Ancient Rainbow Consciousness Healing)

hibiscus-1052018_1920ARCH® healing is a form of vibrational healing that comes from Ancient Hawaii.  It is being taught in Maui, Hawaii, and is described as coming from a “time when Kahuna practiced without herbs and medicine and did unbelievable healing of great magnitude through the ‘Spiritual Realm.’”

Since 2009, Jennifer has trained under Kahuna Ho’okahi of Maui to learn this high vibrational Shamanic energy that is believed to be more powerful than Reiki, and allows monumental shifts to occur in people’s lives.

The method works to uncover the root cause for imbalances in the system, negative patterns, and mental blocks.  As sensitive beings, we create coping mechanisms in our lives to protect against pain.  At some point, however, these coping mechanisms actually start doing more harm than good.  Are you tired of feeling shut down and limited? You may feel and know in your heart that there is more for you, more that wants to shine out, but you just can’t GET THERE.

Remember that everything is energy, and has a measurable vibrational frequency.  Happiness feels light and vibrates differently than sorrow and guilt.   When connected with the high vibrational energy of ARCH®, clients are able to shift out of the sadness or fear that they have been dwelling in, and back into joy.  The immense flow begins clearing out decades of old, limiting energy.  Clients expand their consciousness and connect back to source energy.

The energetic space that is created allows for newness, creativity, and manifestation to enter, not to mention breathe! Clients regain clarity, peace, and feel empowered and excited to change.  They are ready to knock down those old walls and barriers, for good!  Client’s report finally feeling safe to allow love, in all its forms, to come pouring back into their lives.

ARCH® calls the spirit back into oneness with the divine, and removes the illusion of separation from source and all of life.  It’s not us against them, the world isn’t happening to us, it’s our creation happening FOR US.   Would you like to feel limitless again and say YES to life?  Indulge in a session of ARCH®, allow your spirit to reconnect with the divine, feed your soul that sacred nectar it’s been longing for.

  • Connect with your higher self and come back to oneness.
  • Receive messages from your spirit guides.
  • Remove negative habits, beliefs, and patterning.
  • Experience joy and bliss.
  • Start manifesting the life you desire.


Native Hawaiian Ku Kahuna Lokahi of the Big Island, Hawaii acknowledges ARCH® as the same type of vibrational healing that was used by the kahuna of old to create instant healing.  Ku Kahuna Lokahi then recognized the founder of ARCH®, Laurie URI Grant, as Kahuna Ho’okahi and as the “The Fair Haired Wahine that would carry on the Healing Traditions of Ancient Hawaiian times when only love and peace existed and when what was known as “The Rainbow Family” with their translucent bodies still walked the Earth.

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