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Treatments Over Distance

reiki over distance

Distance Treatments can prove profoundly beneficial.  When it comes down to it, energy is energy.  All of us have experienced the phenomenon when we are thinking very intently about someone and suddenly the phone rings.  And guess who?

As an energy medicine practitioner, I have harnessed the ability to manipulate and work with energy, no matter where the client is located.  Tuning into another’s energy is only a matter of will. This ability has proven a life saver for many who need clarity and support while traveling. 

What Happens during a Distance Treatment?

We’ll start with a phone conversation to develop a focus and intention of the session.  I’ll then work with your guides and tune into your energy body to feel what’s going on. 

In a typical distance session, we’ll do a round of CRT (applied kinesiology) to uncover more about the issue and why you are holding onto it.  Tools, intuitive messages from your guides, and epiphanies will come up that will help you to move the blockages to get back into flow.

If the client is comfortable, I ask for their birthdate in order to work with them the evening before on the causal plane.  The causal plane is the dream state.  It is called the causal plane, because that is where we can cause things to happen.  We do a lot of creating and manifesting in this state.

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